Negative Review Removal

Let’s face it; negative reviews are the biggest red flag to a consumer.


To consumers, reviews are incredibly influential as to whether or not we will work with a company or buy their product. Peer opinions are something that we value greatly, and we often look to online reviews before investing our hard earned money into buying a product.Read Less

Even with a plethora of average to positive reviews, one or two stray negative reviews can send a potential customer running to your competitor. RepuVue’s reputation management services are designed to stop that from happening.

First and foremost, not all reviews are accurate. There are plenty of reasons why someone would write an inaccurate negative review for a company; this does not mean your company or product should undergo these destructive consequences.

RepuVue has spent years gathering a specialized team of defamation attorneys who are very efficient in removing libelous or inaccurate information through litigation. Since many negative reviews are fraudulent, the author is not likely to stand behind their statements.

In most cases, a default judgement will be awarded, and there will be a court order to remove the slanderous material. The judgement will be forwarded to search engines to ensure that the review is fully removed from all search results.

Cease and desist letters are another very effective way in which RepuVue will help remove negative reviews. Our legal team will assist in creating and sending these letters. Cease and desist letters essentially warn the recipient that if the harmful material is not discontinued and removed, legal action will be taken. This frequently results in the removal of the damaging statements and warns the individual that a lawsuit will be considered pending further defamation.
Ultimately, even the best companies or products will receive honest negative reviews.

At RepuVue we believe that it is possible to take an unhappy customer and completely change their opinion. We have created a widget that lives on your website which encourages individuals to leave reviews. If a customer attempts to leave a review that is 2.5 stars or less, the screen will automatically transition to the customer service page. This page will prompt the individual to explain why they are leaving the negative review, and it gives you the opportunity to make things right with them.

It could be something incredibly simple, and not only will the review turn into a positive one, but the consumer is likely to praise the attentive customer service. Potential consumers love seeing great customer service and appreciate a company that acknowledges those that are unhappy with their product.

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