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Reputation Management

NYC Workshop: Reputation Management EmPOWER! Your Personal Brand

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Please join us for a workshop on personal and professional Reputation Management.
Women in Consumer Technology’s exclusive annual Forum, “EmPOWERed!”  Tuesday, June 19.

The Forum serves up a full day of sessions, topics, workshops and keynote speakers that relate to career enhancement and empowerment for all corporate, small business, and entrepreneurial women pursuing a career in consumer technology.

When: June 19, 2018
Time: 11-7 Keynote through Networking Cocktail Reception
Where: The Rubin Museum of Art

EmPOWERed! Highlights

Do you Google your name? Your reputation’s influence is becoming more powerful than ever before. Thanks to social channels and digital media, anyone can access troves of information about your buying habits, what you like on Facebook, where you go for vacation, what type of cuisine you like; it’s all being captured and analyzed by data aggregators, potential employers and marketers. This data affects everything from insurance premiums to potential employers.  Having a “private” Instagram account is not enough to safeguard your reputation.  This workshop will show you how to review your digital footprint and best practices to control, curate, and optimize your reputation.