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Online customer reviews have a huge and often unexpected impact on your sales.  These customer reviews and ratings, also known as customer-generated content (CGC), have been found to definitively influence purchasing decisions.

According to a survey conducted by Dimensional Research, nearly two-thirds of internet buyers read online online customer reviewscustomer reviews before making a purchase. The study also found that 90 percent of respondents who remember reading online customer reviews said that positive reviews influenced their buying decisions, while 86 percent said that negative reviews influenced theirs.

The rise of the internet means the influence of CGC can now significantly impact consumer decision making. Not only that, but customers are 58 percent more likely to write and post a review online after having a customer service experience today than they were five years ago.

The digital content that people create about your brand directly affects your brand, your online reputation, and sales. It’s a crucial element of marketing that you cannot afford to ignore. Social media, online reviews and other CGC should prompt you to start conversations that are a two-way street, rather than a one-way mountain of content being pushed out about your company without being read and analyzed. Data from CGC can give you the ability to proactively manage your online reputation, rather than having to explain it later.

Are you listening to your customers? Are you talking with them? Are you addressing their concerns?

It’s essential to start and engage in conversations. If your social media only pushes out content without any monitoring or response from your brand, you’re missing opportunities, in particular opportunities for sales.

RepUvue’s platform can seamlessly integrate with your digital marketing programs.  It allows you to publish, post, monitor, analyze and respond to all social media activity and reviews of your company through one dashboard that will allow you to take clear, decisive action to manage your online reputation and make you more efficient. Click here to contact us.

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