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The saying “You only have one chance to make a first impression” was never more true than it is in today’s digital economy where that first impression is likely to be made through online reviews and ratings before you even have a chance to have one-on-one interaction with a customer.

First impressions matter so much because they happen almost immediately. People often form a judgement about a 5-star-reputationcompany or product in just seconds, and once that impression is made, it’s next to impossible to change.

Ask yourself how often you look further into a company’s product or service once you see that 300 people have given it a two out of five star rating, or you read half a dozen bad online reviews.


In research conducted at the Harvard Business School, restaurants that boosted their Yelp ratings by just one star saw increases in revenue of 5 to 9 percent.

And in a study done by PhocusWright, given equal price, consumers are more likely to choose hotels with higher ratings and reviews than lower ones. And travelers will often select a higher priced hotel with great online reviews.


According to research by BrightLocal, 92% of consumer are unlikely to do business with companies that have ratings of less than four out five stars. And Lightspeed Research found that it only takes one to three negative reviews for most people to decide not to buy your product or service.

Online reviews have become your opportunity to make a good first impression. They are readily accessible and not only tell you what consumers think of your business, they tell the world.

Have you been monitoring and maintaining your online reviews to ensure you’er making and a good first impression?

Taking the time to monitor and manage your online reputation today is really not an option anymore since a positive online reputation tells the world that your company is trustworthy and reliable and a negative one tells people to avoid your company at all costs.

But managing your online reputation can be cumbersome, time consuming and ineffective. Trying to monitor all of your social media sites, search engines, Google Reviews and the many review sites on the internet could extensive resources.

That’s where RepUvue can help. Our Online Reputation Management tools can help your company efficiently and effectively monitor and manage all of your online reviews through a single user interface. Simply login and all of your reviews are accessible through your dashboard.

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