Reputation Management Services

Reviews can make or break a company.

We encourage and solicit reviews from customers when appropriate and try to make every experience a positive one. We will monitor reviews that are posted about your company as well as the conversations that take place between consumers in those reviews.  

One of the most common ways in which individuals find out about anything is by searching it on the internet. Reviews are a way in which people gather information from their peer’s personal experiences. These reviews hold a lot of power. Unfortunately, not all reviews are an accurate representation. First and foremost, people are more likely to write a review for a bad experience than a good one. Therefore, mistakes or bad experiences may only make up a small percentage, but those are most likely to be the reviews recorded. False negative reviews can be made by a displeased employee, a competitor, or a consumer. This is where our legal team comes into the picture to help remove those reviews. If the review cannot be removed, we still do our best to mediate the situation and make an attempt to get the original reviewer to retract their statement.

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