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Building social currency is just about one of the best ways that companies can create value for themselves. The rise of social media and the increased exchange of information and attitudes between consumers about products and services can translate into sales.

People love to share their opinions with others online. It’s the reason social networks have exploded and why what people talk about can influence the cars others drive or the clothes they wear.social-currency

Think about the last time you read through your social media pages. People “check-in” to the newest restaurants, they post photos to Instagram of things they buy, and they share the latest funny animal videos on Facebook.

What if you could get these people to share their positive experiences with your brand? And you don’t even need to be extraordinary, you just need to get people to talk.

Burberry did just that in 2009 with the launch of its website “Art of the Trench.” It was just a website with pictures of people wearing Burberry trench coats.
In addition to photographs on the site by professional photographers, pictures were accepted from everyday people who were thrilled when their photos were chosen for the website. In fact winners were so excited that they bragged all over social media. Burberry’s website received millions of hits, which led to a 50 percent increase in sales.

Customer conversations can not only spread valuable information about your business, it can help you improve your business. The key is to monitor reviews, listen to your customers, respond to reviews, good and bad, and let your customers know that your number one goal is to deliver the best products and services you can.  This will improve your reputation, which will drive traffic to your website and ultimately increase revenue.

But there is never enough time to manage digital marketing, right? If you think that managing your social media and online reputation detracts from running your business, you’re not alone. But can you afford not to?

Social media is more that paid media. It’s a conversation between your business and your customers, and it requires continuous monitoring to build the best reputation you can for your business. By listening to your customers you keep them happy, and happy customers are the best social currency you can get.

RepUvue can help make monitoring and responding to customer reviews extremely efficient and manageable by giving you a single dashboard through which you can read, analyze and talk to customers.

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