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We can be each other’s encourager, cheerleader, mentor, coach, comforter,counselor.

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This week, RepUVue wants to thank you, our customers, friends and families for being in our lives and doing what only you can do. Your kindnesses in word and deed has been a great force in our local efforts. We appreciate you….


There was a show for kids in the seventies that highlighted families from all over the world. I watched it every Saturday morning. At the end of the show, you were invited to ask for a pen pal from a country of your choice. My choice was quite avant-garde. I asked for Antarctica. Okay, so weird would be the right word.

I ended up with pen pals from Hong Kong, Philippines and Kenya—not quite the cold climate friends I was hoping for. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the correspondence, the sharing of pictures, talking about school and sports. I was so excited to get letters from these girls. Their penmanship fascinated me. They asked me about my house and my family and school. They sent pictures which seemed more formal, presenting in their best clothes. 

Letters and cards have mostly gone by the wayside. I remember my aunts would have so many Christmas cards that they would be hung several deep on a string extending between the arches of the dining room. I kept several of these Christmas cards. These prized memories stay in a metal box in my closet and are occasionally brought out with the excitement, like finding treasure on the beach sands. With the advent of computers and the rise in stamps, cards got fewer and fewer. It seems like cards are now reserved for birthdays and weddings. Now, email and video chats enrich my connections with far flung cousins. 

My family started using Zoom to have a group video chat every Saturday. Our familial bonds still strong despite the years and the distance. First cousins across the US and second and third cousins in Europe navigated apps and passwords to join each other for our new cousins’ club. Visually we were presented to each other as an expanded Brady Bunch grid. The excitement was so great we talked over each other. 

Out of sixteen grandchildren, half are out of state. Keeping in touch lets us be blessed and be a blessing. I’m reminded of  Proverbs 25:25, “Like cold water to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country”. Gathering together, calling, writing, all of these things make us individually and corporately stronger, more loving, generous and kind.  We can be each other’s encourager, cheerleader, mentor, comforter, counselor. What I have learned from my family is this, when there is love in your heart, there is no reason to hold back, after all, with love and the many forms it takes, there is always enough to go around.


Be blessed this week and tell someone near or far that they are of great value. You don’t need pom poms to be a great cheerleader. You just need to be the great you that we know you are.

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