There is no shortcut to gaining a bulletproof reputation.  Trust is at the heart of a company’s reputation.

In the wake of the recent Capital One data breach, a breach they discovered from the hackers boasts on Twitter, NOT because of their security. Maybe they should change their tag line to “Who’s in Your Wallet?”

A company’s reputation is more important than ever and how they take care of their customer is paramount. Consumer Protection? Look at the recent congressional hearings on Tech, Congress isn’t protecting consumers and most companies view breaches simply as the cost of doing business. Richard Fairbank, founder and CEO of Capital One, did a good job of responding promptly and taking responsibility. He estimated the breach would cost them between $100-150 million, an interesting stat considering the 100 million plus customers that were affected.

There is a great Yiddish expression, the fish stinks from the head down and EquiFax and Wells Fargo are perfect examples of this. Companies that do what is right in every possible situation and are customer-centric going above and beyond in how they treat their customers, are at the top of the Reputation Ranking.

The Best and Worst Reputations in America

This infographic from TitleMax highlights the 10 organizations that have the best reputations in the country, followed by 10 that fall on the exact opposite end of the spectrum.

In total, the visualization shows five years of data, so you can see how the rankings have changed over this stretch of time. The most reputable company of 2019 is Wegmans Food Markets.

The Harris Poll’s Reputation Quotient measures the reputation of the 100 most visible companies annually according to the general public. They determine the 100 most visible companies by surveying 6,118 U.S. adults. Then, they survey 18,228 U.S. adults to obtain an average of 300 ratings per company. Six categories are evaluated: social responsibility, vision and leadership, financial performance, products and services, emotional appeal, and workplace environment. Wegmans ranked #1 for ethics, culture, products and services, and citizenship! Wegmans ranks highest with Millennials and baby-boomers, but Amazon is preferred by Gen X.

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