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Why Customer Service is Vital

By September 17, 2019No Comments

In the world of business, customer service is the backbone of any company. To build and sustain a business, you need customers, and once you get those customers you need to keep them happy for them to stay loyal to you.
Why is it important to keep the customers you already have happy, you ask? Let me say this nice, and clearly, so everyone understands. You need to keep your current customers happy because then they don’t go around saying “I hate (blank) company,” daily.
If someone should walk up to me and ask for my opinion of my current cell company, I would say, “It’s great! If you are a new customer. It sucks if you have been with them loyally (in my case) for five years.” The reason I would say this is because this company has placed deal after deal for “New Customers” to gain a larger customer base, it’s not like they are a new company starting, they have been around for many years and have millions of customer…albeit mostly unhappy ones I have learned. However, once you are a customer and your ‘deal’ ends, you are then just a number to them, and they don’t care about you.
Just for fun, I called the company and asked if I could get the current deal for new customers. The person on the phone, who sounded as if they would rather be anywhere else but there, answered in a bored, uncaring tone that it was for new customers only.
So, how am I supposed to feel as a loyal five-year customer? I feel cheated. I’ve stayed with you for five years, three years after my contract ended, and this is how I’m rewarded? And what is the first thing I do? I complain about the said company to friends and family and start shopping for a new provider, and of course, the people I have spoken to are rethinking going with this company and are shopping elsewhere.
The conversation should’ve gone, “Yes, ma’am. We can give you that deal as well as a bonus just for being a loyal customer.” Or it could’ve gone, “No ma’am, sorry that deal is only for new clients. However, we do have this special deal for long-time customers just like you.” How would I have felt after that conversation? Like I wanted to tell the entire world how wonderful this company was, screaming “look at the deal I got just for being their customer.” Everyone I know would be told how awesome this company is and how much I loved them. Would it matter that I only got five dollars off my monthly bill? No, it wouldn’t. It’s because it was a deal and you gave it to me for being your customer no matter the insignificant amount. Now, in a perfect world current customers shouldn’t have to call to ask for the bonus, it should automatically be given to them, but we will discuss that in another post regarding How to Reward Customers.

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